Saturday, 7 March 2015

Phenomenal Highlights Of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Cricket Fever is all around! ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has been full of excitement so far. We have seen some great innings from The hard hitter of the cricket ball 'Chris Gayle' and not to forget, the South African Gem 'AB De Villiers'. Chris Gayle has scored 215 runs against the Minnows Zimbabwe. Though he started his innings in an unimpressive way, but Zimbabwe bowlers were so determined to bring back the lost form of the West Indian giant hitter that they dropped a few chances as well. But, Gayle was extremely thankful for those dropped catches, as he hit Zimbabwean bowlers all over the ground. We all know that Gayle don't like to move on the pitch. He likes to stay in the crease and use his sheer power to clear ball off the boundaries. But, I still put the innings played by Chris Gayle at the 2nd spot, because it came against the weaker opponents 'Zimbabwe'.

cricket world cup

The innings played by AB De Villiers was more astounding and illustrious than the Gayle's. What AB De Villers did was continued the bashing of the West Indian bowling from the innings that he played in South Africa. He broke several records in that bilateral series and in the innings played in the World Cup match was no different. Let me just write down the name of the opponent here. AB played his innings against the West Indies. Yes, West Indies was at the receiving end this time around. AB De Villiers smashed the cricket ball all around the ground. He now holds the record for the fastest fifty, hundred and one-fifty runs. 

top contenders

Well, if you think that this world cup is all about vicious beating of the bowlers, then you are wrong. Bowlers have also done great in this world. Who could forget the match between England Vs New Zealand, where Tim Southee simply demolished the batting of the English team. He took seven important wickets and just conceded 33 runs. In the same match, Brendon McCullum played thunderous innings and made 77 runs off just 25 balls, in which he has scored the fastest fifty in any World Cup so far. Simply put, this world cup will be known as the 'World Cup of Records'. So, stay tuned and watch this spectacular cricket fest.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Education System Of 2050

I have always dreamed of traveling in time and finally I got through with it for real and here I am, in 2050. The world has changed so dramatically. There are lots of skyscrapers in the city. This is so wonderful to see. I was moving along the road and I saw my old school, but the building is no longer the same, it has changed too. I went inside the school and I was standing just outside my class and I was really surprised to see children studying without a teacher, but with a smart computer dictating all the things to them. When I entered the class, there came a barricading asking me about the ID which certainly I didn't have so I backed off.

futuristic classrooms

I was totally mesmerized to see children‘s desks, they were like large touch screens, just like the smartphones we use today. Those screens were equipped with all the information, their notes and syllabus in them. That generation knew the importance of education. On top of that the class was equipped with 9D screens and chairs. It was mind boggling to see this dramatic change in the educational technology in 30-35 years. But, I feel it’s for the good as it will help children to learn in a better way. They will see it as an educational game or a kind of adventurous thing and they will learn and enjoy it collaterally. I wanted to get in the class and had a closer view of that awesome room with full of the latest technology so I took an ID card fro the staff room and swiped it. I was literally scared as I didn't know what’s going to happen next, because I was not familiar with the new technology they were using that time, but I saw those barricading getting lifted and without wasting any time, I quickly ran into the class and it was great to be inside that stupendous room with full of beautiful little kids.

classrooms of future

I was surprised to see what those kids were doing that time. It was their chemistry class and they were performing their experiments on the touch smart computer and it showed them the exact color and the result which would come if that experiment is done for real. Then I went to another class in which the computer was teaching physics to the students. One student suddenly stood up and asked the computer about a certain doubt. I was very confident that the computer will provide the best and the easiest explanation for that doubt but that didn't happen. And here comes the best part, that student called the famous Japanese scientist Michio Kaku and told him about his doubt and he then explained that topic to him and the other class. I was stunned to see what that student just did a few minutes ago. I was wondering that how did he made a video call to a world’s renowned scientist just to clear a single doubt. I was jealous too because I didn't get these amazing technologies during my school days, otherwise the scenario for me could have been somewhat different. 

future science labs

Nevertheless I went on to history class and this time it was not at all boring. The students were watching a cool movie on Indian independence and the narrator of the movie was Morgan Freeman. It was a 9D movie so the effects were amazing. This was the most interactive way to learn and understand history and it felt like as if we are somewhere in the movie with those people protesting against the British forces and Government.  It was epic to watch history that way. But then I moved on to another class which happens to Biology one. And my one of the biggest dream came true as I opened the door. They have created dinosaurs for real. I don’t know how but they were real. I saw Velociraptors, T-Rex, Brachiosaurs and many more. They have a Jurassic Park 4 and unlike the movie they have a full control over the park with no loopholes. That was so amazing to see. That was not all; they were creating androids which would do all the complex work that human beings can’t do at all. They were nothing like robots, they looked like humans and the most important thing that they had the ability to think, calculate, and understand like human beings. This kind of technology is great and constructive, but any malfunctioning can reverse everything and be destructive.


After watching all these amazing things, I went into the cafeteria and guess what; I was taken by surprise once again. Students and staff weren't ordering anything. It's not like they have discovered how to live without eating. It’s just that the androids were bringing things to their table. I asked one of the students that how to order food here? He gave me a hair band, and told me to wear it. It didn't look like a normal band, but a cool electronic gadget. So I wore it and then he told me to think whatever I want to have in my lunch. So, I just did whatever he told me and I was shocked to see that the food I just thought in my mind was put in front of me on my table in just 30 seconds time. The food was delicious too, hence I overused that hair band and ordered different kind of cuisines as it was my first and probably the last instance to use that gadget. It was the school without books, pens and all those boring stuff. It was the combination of an amusement park, a magic show and a zoo full of Dinosaurs, but it was the best thing I can ever be a part of. It was a great experience watching my old school in a whole new way with all that extraordinary technology doing wonders in our near future. I love technology and the new teaching techniques which is really helpful and great for our upcoming generation. I would definitely go to the future again and experience all these wonderful things.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Politics As Its Worst

Its elections time in India and the whole country is looking for a change this time that would turn around their miserable life for the good. But will it really going to happen? I don't think so, as there have been a plenty of good leaders in the past and none of them did the things which they were chosen for. So what exactly are you expecting from modi? A miraculous make over of the nation? Do not get overwhelmed by the name and the wave of modi because he is one normal man who's gonna come and rule India for the next 60 months(as of what media is pointing at) and then perish away. I'm not against him, but the things that are going in the party itself is good enough to see that they just want the throne and not the problems list of this country.

So, it is very important that we should know that no matter which person comes into the power, the life of a common man is going to remain the same and nothing is going to change for him, as he will suffer from the price hike of vegetables, fruits, gas cylinders and petrol. We need someone to pour water on our burning pockets but i don't see this happening any soon. Arvind Kejriwal gave some hope in the past but i guess his hire has fizzed off quickly as it started. 

I still believe that kejriwal has what it takes to be the man to lead this countryNation oriented politics but he has to get more mature and responsible for doing that and moreover he has to gain the confidence of the people who shifted towards other parties because of his resignation from the Chief Minister post couple of months ago. I also believe that the transformation period has arrived for India as the youth of this country is losing their temper and its just a matter of time before we unleash ourselves and tell all those old illiterate people to pack their bags and go back to their homes and listen to the akaashvani instead spoiling this country's future for their selfish purposes. 

The time has come for the youth to step up into the mainstream politics and change the future of this country and make him stand firmly on the global platform which we were deprived off till now, and show everybody that we are not inferior in any field if compared and we can be the super power the world will bow down to. The time has come for us to better put up or shut up and i say we'd better put up a good fight and clean up the dirty politics without caring about the results because we know that if we are good and capable then we will never ever lose this fight because the opponents we are facing here are trembling old guys that doesn't know even the abc of politics.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Biggest Revolution of the 21st Century

I was really surprised to see what's been happening in India for the last 2-3 months. It was MODI  MODI MODI...! couple of months ago, but now the vibe has changed, its AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) which is taking all the limelight and public attention these days, and Swaraj (Self Rule) everybody is demanding for. People of India don't need fake promises, fake agendas, or fake people running the country. We need a corruption free country which is very important as it will initiate many parallel steps towards the betterment of this country. A man once told me, that i just gave up on India as i can't do anything to make this country better. What i want to tell him that if your room is dirty, full of trash, garbage, bad odor, i just want to know whether you'll  just walk away and live in some other room or clean your room up because that's your room and you have spent a huge time of your life and you've dreamed big sitting in that room only. 

So if you cannot speak good about this country or can't do anything to improve this country then please stop trash talking. Because i love my country, and I'm proud that so many martyrs has given their lives away for the independence and wars we had back in time, i am still very much hopeful that this country will change and if required i can take part in any revolution, any public meetings or even go to jail unlike others who just stand far away from the hot spot and say i don't like it here, this country sucks and all that stupid stuff. I mean i want you to either PUT UP OR  SHUT UP. And India is not a third world country, to me US is and all those western countries are. Its not like i hate west, its just like we have a different culture, Let me give an example. A normal man will find a Gay to be abnormal, and for a gay, a normal man is abnormal. Its just that the world is full of diversity. So you have to respect the thinking, the way people live in every part of the world and everything they do because they are not going to change for anybody. There is a change coming and i can see it, and it will change this country, but yes India is huge so i don't expect that all those good things will going to happen with a blink of an eye, it will take some time, may be a decade or so, but I'm glad that for once we will take step towards the real betterment, from the heart, from the will, of India. 

We require people who can put their selfish deeds aside and work for the improvement of the poor people, which can't even have a 3 time meal a day. I mean with no mafia and all, no middle men, those poor people can get the deserving wages which they were not getting earlier. And for once they can really think that if we work hard we might get a proper house, and all that basic needs which they were deprived off earlier. Lets change ourselves and do something which is significant, important and required utmost. Lets join hands and work together for a better India, corruption free India, Educated India, Prosperous India. It gives a man immense pleasure if he can do anything for the welfare of the society. We must contribute in some or the other way so that we can make this world a better place to live. One thing i have also noted that when someone try to change the things, precisely in politics, people already involved for many years would not let that good man or woman to do their things, i don't understand why people don't work and also don't let others work too. This is so pathetic in a way that if you want to do good work beware there are people who won't let you do that work.

In India, basically politics are community based, voters and their votes are divided into their religion, their community and all that stuff which i think is totally unacceptable. If you are standing as an MP, then you have to work for the issues, for the work that is to be done in that particular region, but instead of doing that, they just collect or woo the public with their stupid ideas of making Temples, Mosques, and Gurudwaras. I mean God is everywhere then what is the need to build 10 Temples or 10 Gurudwaras within a distance of 5 miles. Instead they should make schools, or anything useful which a man can use in emergency or need. We have done all those riots which are basically based on religion and God, so its time to move forward and think how to improve our lifestyle and how we can live in a better way, a better livelihood. Education of children should be the top priority. One more thing i would like to state here is why can't we put control on our ever growing population? The reason is people are uneducated and they make babies as to increase their manpower. But my question, those people don't have enough resources for their own, how can they fulfill the requirements of those kids. You need manpower but they will not survive to be a man, because malnutrition, diseases will eventually kill them. So its very important that we should only plan a family which we can afford to feed, and these kind of things can only step with properly educating those people and keeping them busy too. They have no entertainment and then they seek their ladies for it and finally use them as entertainment. But they pay a hefty bill afterwards. So stop making useless babies, because you are bringing them into this world to suffer. and this is the worst thing to do.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Live Like A Legend

When i look around, i mean i live in India and the situation here is not what we can call an ideal one so when i look, i see an overpopulated country with no basic amenities for the people, still we don't take a moment and think as to what have we done to our nation. I mean to me this is HELL of some other world. Corruption, Illiteracy, Unethical nature of people is eating up this country with a very swift speed. What i want to do is to take the wheels of this fricking Country and just make it an Awesome place to live. I'm not joking, this is what i really aspired to do. I want people to remember me as that man who changed this nation for the better. 

nelson mendela

The main thing is that we have all the resources to be a great country ever, but the thing is we need to stop thinking selfishly and do whats right for the nation. I don't know about you people but i get the most awesome feeling when i help someone, someone i have never met in my life, someone complete stranger. I just want to do that on huge amount. My friends feel very disgusted as they see beggars on the roadside begging. I too felt the same way before but now i think those people needs to be educated like all of us, and then there won't be any beggars in India. 

We keep on improving the city's infrastructures but the villages or the tribal areas remains the same as they were 50 years ago. Its like renovating the top floors of the building without knowing that the foundation is about to tumble. That is of no use because the building will eventually fall and it'll be worse. First of all we have to improve the condition of those people, because they still don't have 24 hours electricity in their homes, If our base is strong then only we can build a stronger country over it. foundation needs to be stable, efficient, dependable. Now talking about our Governments, these are the worst people you can ever choose to run the country, they don't know even a single problem a common man faces in his daily life. 

All they know is how to earn money from each and every opportunity they come across. I mean where is the money from that South Temple which is supposed to be like 26000 Crores. 10-20 Trillion of US dollars have disappeared in thin air.Why don't they bring back all that black money from Swiss Bank and use it for the welfare of the country. New Delhi can be 100 times better and Advanced than what Washington DC is but our politicians are so Assaholic that they wont do it. I am not saying anything against Washington DC, i am just using it as a reference because it is one of the the greatest and the most powerful cities around the globe.

So i want to be in Power for once and i guarantee you I'm gonna change this nation for the best, i just need at-least 1% of the total population of India backing me up and you yourself will remember me as one of the best leaders this country has ever witnessed. i can't complete this post without adding the name of a true legend who spent all his life for the rights of the people and making his country a great one where no one is bigger in rights than other, everybody is equal, the man is "Nelson Mandela", he was a great man who brought mind-boggling revolution in South Africa, and he stood for the black community as they were treated worst than animals back in time, he spend 27 years in jail just to bring the change in his home country and now things have changed in huge amount in South Africa and we now know South Africa as a major growing economy in the world like India or china. So the country has done the hard work and has seen the tough time but now its time to bear the fruit. so to me "Nelson Mandela" is a true Legend who served his life for the people's welfare and never asked a thing in return. so bow down to that Legendary Soul. 

People say Legends never die, and i think the same way. They inspire us and they put their faith, their trust in us so that we can take their legacies forward and live up to their and the whole country's or in some case world's expectation. Following others is too easy and convenient at times but doing something out of the box or revolutionary is one thing we should keep in mind and definitely think about doing it when there's a right time. One think more, don't ever underestimate anybody because you never know what special talent is that guy holding in himself, that can change the course of the world or anything like that, so be respectful to everybody you meet and try to gain something from them, i mean the good things. Its really important to follow a right path to live your life, i know the shortcut will be a easy way out and will call you with all that limelight, money and fame waiting for you but then at the end you will only get success when you follow the right path and on the way helping the needful, the poor.  

Feeling is great when you do the right humanly thing and you feel like wow I'm a good man, people can look up-to me and say there is a great man walking there and all that respect you get afterwards is simply awesome. So to be like a legend you don't have to do anything extraordinary but try staying away from the bad things and do the right thing which is for the betterment of the society and after doing that for some time you will get the recognition and respect from the people and they will remember you as the great man they have ever seen in their lifetime, and that's a great feeling one could ever feel.

Monday, 11 November 2013

What Am I doing ?

Many of you want to do the things what you have always dreamed about. But when that actual moment comes in your life, its just not that easy to go behind your Dream. Many other things comes as a hindrance, what i am talking about is family, your personal problems etc etc. So, you do what's best for you that time regardless of the fact if you like it or not. That very moment is when we think"What am i Doing". We just compromise with the situation and later on we just forger what our actual aim was. Its not that i am provoking you to be selfish and do whats best for you, just you only, but what i am saying is just make flexible decisions and switch back to your actual dream work or job when possible. I just want that we should never let that one dream we always wanted to fulfill just fizzle out that easy, we should give it a try. I know one thing, people who try never lose or they feel proud that they didn't just give it up without putting up a great effort. Just do what you gonna do but make sure you don't harm someone's life and your dreams too.

Life is hard

The life is no Fantasy world. This world makes you dance on its own music whether you like it or not, you have to dance. It's only better when you start knowing the steps, else you will fall down and scream with pain, so get up and tell this world that i can dance regardless of what beat you play for me. I can dance and can entertain the world. Seriously i was like, i want this and i want that and one day i will get it, but it ain't happening, the things are going in completely opposite direction and fuck i can't control it. Its like I'm on a boat and what i can only see is an endless ocean and the waves are pushing my boat in whatever direction and i have no control over that. Its not like I'm completely losing it, but its like what I'm really thinking deep inside. But one thing i know is that Never Give up. Just keep on trying and one day you will look back and you'll say man 'o' man i have come a long way across, and yeah i have done something with my life which I'm proud of.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Whom To Believe

I've understood now that, why people say that, 'play your cards close to your chest' because you can never make out who's watching and who can take the advantage of your situation. Even a friend can fuck your life in the worst way possible. The world is full of twisted motherfuckers which don't know how to behave in a civilized society. They don't know that others also have some feelings which they might hurt intentionally or unintentionally but those motherfuckers just do it. People's minds are so fucked up that they can't stand a long deep friendship in front of them and hence they make some stupid plans to create differences between those friends. So, whatever you say, just make sure that you're not revealing anything which might harm you later in your life. I have been trusting my friends blindly for so many years but now i have to first analyze or check what are their intentions, or where they are leading to. yes, it is stupid but its for your own benefit because people are very smart these days. They are so smart and opportunistic that they won't leave even their friends. So its better to be aware of the situation around you or else you'll land in a soup.

stooge friends

asshole friends
I want to say a few things to a friend of mine here.You do shitty things for an year behind my back and you've made sure that your evil deeds don't come out but let me tell you fella, no lie is gonna stay concealed forever. It will eventually come out when you've least expected it to come. And for you i can only say that buddy you're Screwed. You have ruined all your respect, your stature with your assaholic actions. And on top of that you lied that you didn't do it, what do you think i am, a fool. You are the fool to have thought that the other person has no brains. Now i am also very interested to see how you will defend yourself now that you've screwed it all. But the thing is relation once ruined or destroyed can never go back to normal, even if you try your ass out.. i want to know what you have to say now. But i am not expecting a lie now. So be ready and stay wide awake.


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